cancer biology division iitri

The Cancer Biology Division at IIT Research Institute (IITRI) focuses its research in the areas of experimental carcinogenesis and evaluation of potential chemopreventive agents. Past experience and current initiatives include National Cancer Institute (NCI) programs in breast, prostate, lung, and colon. Scientists in our Division have cumulatively published more than 200 articles and book chapters during the past 30 years; they are internationally recognized for their contribution to the understanding of chemoprevention.

The chemopreventive component is aimed at achieving a better understanding of the potential use of test agents derived either from food or those chemically synthesized. Research is undertaken to examine the ability of the candidate compound to influence induction, promotion, and progression of tumors. Studies at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism levels are conducted to investigate the mechanism(s) of action of the candidate chemopreventive agent.The strength of the laboratory lies in the broad range of expertise of our investigators from molecular and cellular biology to nutritional biochemistry and prevention of cancer. A multi-disciplinary approach is used to address the responses of organisms to chemopreventive or to client needs and takes a candidate agent from bench to clinic.